Technology in Healthcare - The Health Leaders’ Summit 2023

Technology in Healthcare – The Health Leaders’ Summit 2023

What is Technology in Healthcare – The Health Leaders’ Summit 2023 takes place on Thu, 23 February 2023, 08:00 – 16:00 at Barberstown Castle Straffan W23 CX40 Straffan.

Our Health Service has seen unprecedented demand and our growing and ageing population continues to exert pressure on our stretched resources. It is now more critical than ever to focus on safe and robust systems that will provide greater integration and enhanced patient care.  This Summit will bring together healthcare IT experts and industry leaders who understand the real life challenges of electronic health systems in the context of ever evolving cybersecurity risks while pushing the boundaries of innovative patient care.

Technology in Healthcare – The Health Leaders’ Summit 2023

This Summit will explore healthcare innovations designed to boost care system and workforce capability, improving overall healthcare outcomes.

Technology in healthcare reduces patient waiting times and enables the care workforce with artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Surgical procedures and recovery times are being reduced thanks to ultra-precise robots that assist in surgeries and reduced invasiveness.

Healthcare technology companies provide an essential role in leading efficiency by tailoring solutions to the patient.  By personalising the patient pathway from primary care referrals to recovery, healthtech companies improve human health and reduce much of the unnecessary strain on the industry.

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Speakers include:

* Neil O’Hare, Group CIO, Children’s Health Ireland

* Maria McCann, Director of Health Identifiers Service, HSE

* Christian Carmody, CTO & Senior Vice President, UPMC

* Tony McKeown, CIO, Bon Secours Health System

* Eleanor Rollason, Partner, Channel 3 Consulting

* Mike McCann, Group Chief Information Officer at Blackrock Health

* Cathy Turner, Associate Vice President, Meditech

* Adrian Carroll, EHR PRogramme Manager for CHI


More to follow …



Session 1: Trust and Cybersecurity

Session 2: Electronic Health Records – Moving Towards a Paperless Hospital

Session 3: Technology Driving Healthcare Efficiencies


Who should attend:

An audience of 120-150 C-suite (CEO’s, CIO’s & CFO’s) and thought leaders and changemakers representing every sector of the health information and technology spectrum.

Join peers and experts to develop, strengthen and learn from the relationship of health and technology. Continue your journey to better global health during this unique conference experience.


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