Cybersecurity Demo Day 

Join Enterprise Ireland on Tuesday November 10th from 5pm for a transatlantic innovation Cybersecurity Demo day event inclusive of a panel with Irish and North American-based executives discussing 2020 in retrospect, 2021 predictions, and what this means for Cyber start-ups aiming to position themselves for success moving forward.

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The Cybersecurity Demo panel discussion will run from 5pm Irish time.

The panel will include:

  • Dennis Dayman, Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer (moderator)
  • Keith O’Sullivan, Chief Information Security Officer of Standard Industries
  • Jacky Fox, Managing Director and Cyber Lead at Accenture
  • Valmiki Mukherjee, Managing Director at EY and Co-Chair of Davos Cyber Future Dialogue at the Cyber Future Foundation.

Enterprise Ireland have also included the opportunity to meet with their portfolio companies. The overall event agenda is below and while the panel session is open to all, the 1:1’s with portfolio companies and the networking session have limited capacity.

If interested in meeting with  portfolio companies, reach out to

  •  Panel Session
  • 1:1 sessions
  • Networking Session is Ireland’s new online jobs board for tech and IT jobs. Our tools and services give IT & Tech professionals the best possible opportunity to find the ideal job.

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